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Primary Liability

Primary Liability coverage is the main coverage that is needed to legally operate on the road. This coverage will kick-in if an accident happens and unfortunately, you were at fault. Every motor carrier is required to hold this insurance simply to cover others involved in an accident. Think of it as a “due diligence” coverage. Primary Liability will not cover any damage done to your own property or the cargo that you have in transit. However, because the coverage is required by law and looks out for your fellow neighbor, it is a core piece to having a well-rounded insurance package.

  • Non-Trucking Liability
    This type of coverage is for owner-operators who will need the coverage when they are “off duty” and not covered by their motor carrier’s primary coverage.
  • Bobtail Liability
    When a trailer is not attached to the truck and an accident occurs, the Bobtail Liability coverage goes into action.

Physical Damage

Physical Damage is coverage that is built to protect the investment you have in your machine. It is the coverage that will work when there is damage to your own truck. Typically, this coverage holds two parts: Comprehensive Coverage and Collision Coverage.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
    In the event of a natural disaster, vandalism or even a collision with an animal; the comprehensive coverage will come into play.
  • Collision Coverage
    This type of insurance covers in the event that your truck was damaged in a driving accident such as a rollover or a crash.

Motor Truck Cargo

When in transit, you want to make sure the cargo that is being shipped is covered in the event of a loss. This coverage is an essential piece to your insurance package. Some cargo can be expensive or even harmful so we want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need to prevent any significant financial loss to your business.

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